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Landschlacht, Switzerland – For decades doctors and physicians have extolled the virtues of letting babies and young children go barefooted for health reasons. For adults with posture and back problems, the beneAits are even better. For this reason, the barefoot movement, part of a wellness movement and lifestyle called “Earthing,” is seeing considerable growth across the world. In this philosophy, the idea of walking barefoot outside is grounding and makes us healthier. Besides increasing natural endorphins in the brain, there is research to support the practice generates antioxidants and can even help Aight some diseases like cancer. It’s an idea whose time has come…or come back…and the success of the recent #FreeYourFeet Crowdfunding Campaign is proof the world is ready for a new product that makes it safe and easy to go barefoot almost anywhere. 

Posted 21 August 2015

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The Swiss Barefoot Company designed the FYF so that one could walk outside with protective socks that feel like their not even there. The experience comes as close to going barefoot as possible, but protects the foot from cuts and dirt.
Founded by a doctor and avid kiteboarder, Dr. Dieter Hesch, FYFs are designed to eliminate the cuts and abrasions associated with kiteboarding while still keeping the same barefooted, free feeling associated with going without shoes.
“We wanted to create a product that helped athletes regain a natural barefoot feeling within their favourite sport,” said Dr. Dieter Hesch, founder of the company. “FYF Increases your performance safely, and with a new sense of security.”
The footwear started by using the revolutionary Aibre Kevlar®, but the company found this Aibre was only the Airst step in their research. Looking for an even stronger material, Dr. Hesch spoke with another Aibre manufacturer and found an all-­new fabric to make the extraordinarily strong, yet supple shoes. The answer was in a fabric called: Dyneema®.
Dyneema® is 15 times stronger than steel, repels water and provides an even, low friction co-­?efAicient so sliding into skis or scuba Ains is quick and simple. Dyneema®, and the FYF soles have special grip dots that hold fast to virtually any surface while maintaining a feeling of being barefoot. The material is still soft and easy to slide on and off a foot.  In fact, putting on the FYF is as easy as tying a pair of regular shoes.
Once the #FreeYourFeet Kickstarter page was created, backers from all over the world clamored to support the project and thereby receive two pairs of the revolutionary footwear, one for men and one for women. The Kickstarter campaign raised the needed funds within days and became one of the fastest clothing products to reach its goal in history.
The good news is, there is still time to get your FYF while the campaign is still open. To contribute and get involved, visit:

About Swiss Barefoot Company:
The Swiss Barefoot Company has developed the true, genuine, new barefoot feeling with the FYF.  A sole separates the foot from the ground and they also don't protect against injuries: Only the FYF provides those features.
The Swiss Barefoot Company
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