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Window De Bijenkorf Amsterdam
Photo: Eva Roovers


Studio KNOL is an Amsterdam based design studio with a good sense of fiction. Our projects take you along in very diverse scenarios and by doing so, offer a curious perspective on daily society. These ‘stories’ are expressed in playful interiors, (light) installations and food experiences.
Celine de Waal Malefijt and Jorien Kemerink founded KNOL in 2009, together with Sylvie Meuffels (who left in 2011). In creating our projects, KNOL collaborates with a large number of freelancers varying from builders, architects and urban planners, to cooks, programmers, and scientists.

Posted 7 October 2015

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STORIES are deeply rooted in our culture. They are the bearers of our knowledge and our imagination. A good story contains the building blocks for a possible new world. We stack these blocks into physical experiences. This leads to projects that live on in the imagination of the user. We believe that stories are essential for innovation and exploring new territory, they make people wonder.
Studio KNOL is a design studio with a sense of fiction. We design narrative spaces and human – spatial interactions. Contact us when you are in need of a ‘physical story’. Whether it is to launch a product, to make technical innovation understandable to a wider audience, to bring a vacant building back to life, or to enrich the urban landscape with a whiff of poetry. We know what is needed to take people along in daring scenarios and how valuable memories are built.

In our daily practice, we translate the story of our client into physical experiences or places. KNOL has solid experience in successfully realizing projects from idea to final implementation. Educated as both Industrial Designers and Interior Architects, we know how to make ideas tangible at different scales. We approach a project technically as well as conceptually. To optimize the quality of our work, KNOL always collaborates with freelance experts in various disciplines. We believe that true innovation occurs through smart collaborations. In every project, we select the appropriate people to enrich our team. KNOL then functions as the director of the story.
One of the projects is among others:
Dsearch De
A life-size mobile installation turns around in the large window of De Bijenkorf on Dam square. It shows products that are made of old KLM businessclass leftover materials, like carpets and seat lining. These inventive products are designed by students from Design Academy. KLM has undergone a large transformation in their businessclass cabins but does not want to waste the old, memorable materials.
KNOL designed the mobile installation in which these products are displayed, and uses round plexiglass shades of blue to achieve a cloudy, flying effect. Inside the Bijenkorf store, we present a cabinet piece in which the NEW materials and products of KLM are shown. These items are designed by Hella Jongerius, Viktor&Rolf and Marcel Wanders. The cabinet refers to a cluster of airplane trolleys, waiting for their passengers to be taken on board. It’s made of wood, and has recognizable details like handles, wheels and buckles.
KNOL cooperated with publicity agency DDB in this project for KLM. The mobile was realized together with Lion Zeegers and Gert van Gerven, and the cabinet with Christiaan Bakker.
Together with Eva Roovers, a photo serie was made of the products that are shown in the mobile. These photos are presented in window displays at De Bijenkorf, and are featured in Holland Herald magazine
More information:
Studio KNOL  |  |  +31 (0)6 34 14 81 55

Flying Pet
Photo: Eva Roovers

Photo: Eva Roovers

Ocean Algaron
Photo: Eva Roovers

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