Katelyn Acquaro (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Textile Length, 2015.
Rayon and cotton; jacquard weave


-Student Explorations in the Asian Textile Collection

Designing Traditions highlights textile designs produced by RISD students in response to Asian textiles and clothing from the Museum’s collection. Curators in the Museum’s Costume and Textiles department, together with faculty in the School’s Textile Department, selected reference works that range widely in style and technique.
This project springs in part from a desire to bring into the present the vision and contributions of collectors involved in the Museum’s early development, and to bring their donations into the sight of RISD students today.

Posted 15 November 2015

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Some of the first gifts to the RISD Museum were Asian textiles. These objects were regarded from the outset as a design resource for RISD students, and were first made accessible in 1907 in a textile study room created by Mrs. Eliza Radeke (president of RISD, 1913–1918; president of the Board of Trustees, 1918–1931). Stimulated by gifts from Mrs. Radeke, and by Lucy Truman Aldrich’s 1935 gift and 1955 bequest totaling more than 700 objects, the Asian costume and textile collection has grown steadily, and currently provides a wealth of material for exhibition and teaching purposes.

Left: Noelle Webster (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Sweater, 2015.
Right: Javanese, Shoulder Cloth (slendang), ca. 1875– 1925.
Bequest of Miss Lucy T. Aldrich. RISD Museum, Providence, RI

Left: Amelia Solano, RISD BFA 2016, Textiles.
Textile Swatches, 2015.
Right: Kohistani, Child’s Hood or Headdress (natiyo),
ca. 1900-1950. Edgar J. Lownes Fund. RISD Museum, Providence, RI.

Innovative handmade, woven, knit, and computer-generated textile designs by the newest generation of RISD designers offer testimony to the creativity sparked by even the smallest details of traditional craftsmanship, and speak to a long tradition of fruitful exchanges between the Museum and the School.
Kate Irvin and Laurie Brewer
Department of Costume and Textiles, RISD Museum

Amelia Solano,
RISD BFA 2016, Textiles. Textile Swatch, 2015.
Wool, metallic yarns, cotton, monofilament, and synthetic yarns; compound weave

Amelia Solano, RISD BFA 2016, Textiles. Textile
Swatch, 2015.
Wool, metal thread, cotton, monofilament, metal disks, and
synthetic yarns; compound weave

Amelia Solano (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles),
Textile Swatch, 2015.
Mohair, metallic yarns, cotton, and steel rods; compound weave

Participating faculty and classes, 2015

Anais Missakian (Design for Printed Textiles), Jesse Asjes (Knitted Fabrics), Jesse Asjes (Knitting-Machine Techniques), Gina Gregorio (CAD in Textiles), Brooks Hagan (Jacquard for Pattern), Doug Johnston (Design for Printed Textiles), Lisa Scull (Computer-Interfaced Dobby), Joe Segal (Industrial Knitting)

Emilie Jehng (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Textile Headdress, 2015.
Cotton and acrylic on aluminum and wood frame

Molly S. Gorlick (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Textile Length, 2015.
Rayon and cotton; jacquard weave

Katelyn Acquaro (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Textile Length, 2015.
Rayon and cotton; jacquard weave

Adele Helmers (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Textile
Swatch, 2015.
Rayon, cotton, and metallic thread; jacquard weave

Molly S. Gorlick (RISD BFA 2016, Textiles), Choli Sweater, 2015.
Acrylic and wool; knit

Participating students, 2015

Alyssa Spytman (BFA 2016), Molly Schlyter Gorlick (BFA 2016), Noelle Webster (BFA 2016), Katelyn Acquaro (BFA 2016), Adele Helmers (BFA 2016), Zoe Clark (BFA 2016), Kristen Haines (BFA 2016), Sarah Haenn (BFA 2016), Panalee “Mint” Pitaksuteephong (BFA 2016), Lyza Baum (BFA 2016), Michelle Dunbar (BFA 2016), Amelia Solano (BFA 2016), Emilie Jehng (BFA 2016), Frannie Logan (BFA 2016).

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Sarah Haenn, RISD BFA 2016,
Textiles. Design for Printed Textile, from the series Good Vibrations, 2015.
Paint and metallic glitter on paper

Alyssa Spytman, RISD BFA 2016, Textiles.
Textile Swatch, 2015.
Cotton, rayon, mohair, and ribbon studded with crystals; compound weave

Alyssa Spytman, RISD BFA 2016, Textiles. 
Textile Swatch, 2015.
Cotton, rayon, wool, and sequin yarn; compound weave

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