Cross Collection
Design: Hella Jongerius
Production method: Hand tufted
Material: 60% new wool, 40% viscose
Height: 11 mm
Weight Cross Cut: 2200 gr/m.
Weight Cross, Cross Border: 3300 gr/m.
Number of colours: 9
Maximum size: 400 cm x 1000 cm


new designs: Cross collection, Landscape and Cocoon by Hella Jongerius

In the Cross collection, Hella Jongerius has reinterpreted the traditional tufted rug in a way that creates unique visual interaction between the rug and the floor
There are three designs in the collection: Cross Cut, Cross Border and Cross. In all three designs the tactile tufted surface is undercut by a strong silhouette that’s
equal parts contemporary and comforting. Vivid viscose threads are spun with new wool, creating a mélange effect.
The series begins with Cross Cut, a design in which the whole surface of the rug is formed as an open grid, the geometric lines merging into an organic pattern at one end. The result is a playful, highly tactile and welcoming statement rug that creates endless opportunities for interior design and innovative layering ideas.
The design of Cross Border features a more solid surface area, with the cutaway edges at two corners allowing the floor to be glimpsed underneath.
The simplicity of Cross has a slightly more traditional appeal, combining a graphic silhouette with a highly tactile construction. A cutaway effect of block fringes
on the edging complete the rug.
As well as muted natural tones and greys, the Cross series colour palette includes bolder tones to bring extra warmth and drama to the designs.
Hand-tufted by craftsmen in India using yarn spun from luxurious new wool and viscose, the Cross rugs’ specially developed anti-slip backing makes them
suitable for a wide range of floors.

Posted 18 January 2016

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Landscape is inspired by artists’ attempts to render vistas of the natural world in paint. Designer Hella Jongerius has incorporated different yarns, pile heights and special edges in finer wool to give the feeling of a paint brush on a canvas’. The rug combines organic expanses with patterned swaths in an abstract simulation of unfolding terrain.
The melange yarn used to create the rug is spun from natural linen and wool, tufted in deep pile by craftsmen in India. The depth allows the melange to float, accentuating its intriguing texture and supreme tactility.

Cocoon brings unexpected dimension to the classic woven rug. Designer Hella Jongerius sought to ‘create a layered and tactile woollen landscape with soft knots’,
which are accentuated by a generous border.
Long, pure wool yarn has been spun from two colours in either statement contrast or calmer tone-on-tone combinations. It is then felted for a smooth and comfortable texture before being knotted into irregular clusters. The result is both dramatic and durable.
Cocoon is woven by artisans in India.

More information:
Lundbergsvej 10
8400 Ebeltoft, Denmark
+45 89 53 18 66

Design: Hella Jongerius
Production method: Hand woven
Material: 75% new wool, 25% cotton
Height: 15 mm
Weight: 3500 gr/m.
Number of colours: 7
Standard sizes: 180 cm x 240 cm, 240 cm x 300 cm,
300 cm x 400 cm

Design: Hella Jongerius
Production method: Hand tufted
Material: 80% new wool, 20% linen
Height: 35 – 40 mm
Weight: 3700 gr/m.
Number of colours: 3
Standard sizes: 180 cm x 240 cm, 200 cm x 300 cm,
240 cm x 300 cm

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