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She studied at the IUNA between 2001 and 2007, where she started her imaginary scenes, called “Box Rooms”, in which she recreated frames of mind that invoke the human spirit that has vanished in the artificial landscape of inverted contemplation

Posted 21 April 2016

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Between 2002 and 2003 she studied photography at the Escuela Argentina de Fotografia, focusing her interest on analogical development and on capturing moments in time in images as a state only represented by the visual art. Times, space, scenarios, nature, are the subjects she was interested in since she began searching.

Refugio para un recuerdo
©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

Nowadays Alexandra works and creates her pieces in her studio in Buenos Aires, where, bringing together various professional skills she produces her renowned Pastizales and other works combining textiles, sculpture and installation. Her interest focuses mainly on production processes which bring together art and craft and develop functional works of art as complete works of art in which knowledge of the materials, the technique and the spectator are inseparably intertwined.
The pieces are made with surplus materials from the family factory, El Espartano which has been manufacturing industrial carpets and rugs for more than 60 years. The weaving is done with a machine (handtuft pistol) that the artist manipulates on vertical frames in order to weave, stitch by stitch, the final work. The production process is arduous and long, requiring much physical effort and a very precise technique.

©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

Venado tapiz
©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

Her work includes a catalogue of memories of various native landscapes that the artist has visited and desires to preserve throughout time. Her pastizales (grasslands), fields, shelters, tapestries and shields are like sublime realities which the spectator can enjoy through contemplation or by making use of the piece. Each one is unique, having a texture, weave and palette that cannot be repeated, and has been created stemming from the family tradition yet giving new meaning to the craft of weaving by hand.
Alexandra Kehayoglou’s work has recently won three special mentions awarded by the Bienal Internacional de Diseno (BID) (International Design Biennial) Madrid Spain.
Among her most recent exhibitions are Final de Juego in Espacio Contemporaneo, Fundacion PROA, the presence of her work Senderos in the Victoria and Albert Museum in London, the exhibition Experiencia Paisaje at the Quinta Trabucco and the collaborative project Elpi nicki exhibited in ARTEBA 2014 together with Galeria Proyecto A.

In 2014, her work became world famous as part of one of the most outstanding catwalks at the Paris Fashion Week. This was due to her collaboration with the Belgian designer, Dries Van Noten, who sponsored her and for whom she created her largest work to date, 50 metres long, called Before and After. The textile installation was first used as a catwalk and later as a place for the models to rest at the Spring Women’s Collection of the talented designer, Dries Van Noten. The so called magic carpet was later exhibited in Hong Kong, inside the CUBE gallery and after that in Berlin during the Berlin Gallery Weekend. Thus  her  work  became  established  worldwide  as  an outcry against deforestation, calling for environmental awareness. It is also a warning against the extinction of wilderness as well as a strong voice in favour of changing a culture which does not seem to be too worried about the drastic climate changes brought about by man’s presence on the Earth.
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Chair & Rug
©Alexandra Kehayoglou 

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