Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
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-Collection ARXI SS16

Konstantin Kofta created his own label, Kofta which combines seemingly contradictory elements outside the traditional canons of the fashion industry. His garments are sensual, effortlessly elegant, practical and wearable. Kofta uses rough skin, irregular shapes and unique scents to create a totally new vision of the attire as a whole. Designer Konstantin Kofta combines rural and urban perceptions, and embraces the unintentional and unexpected, which provide inspiration for current and future collections. Each collection appears as a form of art installation. Konstantin Kofta believes that the perfect is hidden in the sacramental places away from an ordinary vision littered by common standards. Designer strives to fuse unusual components to achieve distinctions that add to person's lifestyle rather than just to the wardrobe.

Posted 7 June 2016

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Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI reflects the designers ongoing contemplation of the structures of the nature. The wholeness of natural form indicates that the form and forces are always in some sense of equilibrium. In most of natural forms, the quality of equilibrium may be difficult to recognize. Seashells for instance are one of the natural forms whose functions are simple enough to be approximated by a simple mathematical relationship.
Kofta is trying to understand how natural forms and curves are applicable to human architectures and then transfers his thoughts to design creating beautiful sculptural pieces.
Contemplating baroque architecture where regular designs gave way to curves, dramatic shapes and decoration Kofta create bags to evoke sensual delight.

What is the identity of Kofta? What kind of message do you want to deliver through the works?
While thinking about the brand's name I was about to find a senseless word for me to fill it with sense myself. Art as the perfect adaptation of imperfect things,
the infinite play with different objects and topics- that's the basis of the brand. At first, KOFTA meant nothing to me, then years later it meant everything.

There are distinctive concepts behind all collections of Kofta, do you usually start off with a concept or some designs would come to mind first? How do you create a new object usually?
 I'm trying to explain everything I think about, while creating a collection, with one word. It gives me frames to fill myself with information before the work on a new collection starts. Reading books and watching movies in the future collection tune inspires me. But most of all I get inspired by the specific atmospheric locations, as everything that surrounds us carries its own information, which you can put inside so things will come to your mind by themselves. You should only wander around the spaces of your mind, imagination and fantasies.

Konstantin Kofta 

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

From the first collection “TAR” to the latest SS15 INERTIA collection, the collection focus seems like moving toward to geometric shapes (Straight Lines and Platonic Solids) from nature forms(Bones and Hands). What was the reason of this change?
I'm the explorer of the world around me, questioning everything and then expressing the answers in art. I'm inspired by the life itself with all the cyclic recurrence, transformations, which are involved into its global stream. The infinite transformation into microparticles and vice verse the transformation of tiny particles into a mechanism, creates the matter in its infinite move. The matter creates the form which stay like that and then split again into microparticles.

Every design from Kofta seems having a strong personality/some kind of emotions in it. What type of personality do you have? Would you please describe yourself a little bit?
Though it's hard to talk about myself, I'll try to be emotionally precise. If I was asked to choose one of the four elements, I'd be water. While being calm sometimes, it can be furious. Water tends to the balance and hides the inner secrets of our planet. It absorbs information, having its quality and features changed, concerning this information as well. Water adabts to everything and is a basis of life. I'm flowing with the river of life to face the eternal ocean.

What is your favorite movie in all time? Why? Does it bring any influence to your works?
It's DE ZEE DIE DENKT by Gert de Graaff

You mentioned your design combined rural and urban, what is the most difficulty you faced when putting it into practice?
I haven't faced difficulties, so it's easy for me to talk about this. I was brought up face-to-face with nature, but I became who I am, living in a concrete forest of a big city. There's always a place in my heart for regularity and tranquility of a person who lives tête-à-tête with nature, while i learnt how to live in the city rhythm.

Other than bags and footwears, do you have any plans on extending the collection to accessories and clothing?
Creating significant art objects which will carry your ideas, you shouldn't fritter away, or it'll be just business, something soulless. Maybe in the future I'll be ready to broaden my horizons, but just in case my works will be more than just objects.

When the kofta x bandit9 collection came out earlier this year, it just blow everyone’s mind. What new collaborations or projects can we expect from you soon?
I respect the people, who knowing their craft, are following a special direction, improving all the time. We decided to collaborate not with a fashion designer, which brought really cunning result. I'm sure our next work will be with a craftsman too.

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016


Could you tell us about your childhood? What was it like?
As I've just mentioned, I was born and lived up to my conscious times tête-à-tête with nature, absorbing its aesthetics and structure. This life brought the sense of beauty and showed me that every simple object, I am surrounded with, has complex structure and consists of  systems. I figured out that everything beautiful is surprisingly simple, while sometimes it needs lots of hard work.
What have make you go into the design field? When did you start designing? What is your first design?
I'm a perfectionist by nature, thus if the result doesn't seem satisfactory, I'll changed it as much as needed so it makes me pleased. It started with objectification of my worldview into things for myself. The first product created by me was a little clatch, sewed of leather, which I selected accurately. Then it didn't look like the image I had, that's why I deformed it with the help of water, temperature and mechanical impact until it was just the object I was carrying in my mind.

Other than fashion, do you design other things?
Everything I do happens with sense, arrangement and measure. Starting with the simplest casual things that everyone does and than going further to the more complex constructions and systems. Thus my first showroom was planned and created by me, without any help of professional designers and architects.  I used natural materials, created by the nature such as bark, moss, stone, the play of light and shadow, the principals of natural zonality.

Are you a visual thinker? Would you please explain a little bit?
Of course as an artist, I see the images of my future works. But I should say that unbodied things, which only can be felt and not imagined, inspire me. As for the spirit of a collection, the peak of mastery, for me, is the transformation of the emotions, with all their versatility, into an image or its chain.

What's your philosophy in life?
My life philosophy is the truth. Being honest with yourself is the first thing otherwise any action has no sense either for me or for others.

What are your modern essentials?(Like what you cannot live without in your life, it could be object, people or attitude)
I couldn't live without the nature and its fruits, no matter how it sounds. Music also helps me a lot and it's kind of a meditation. Creating of music is a way for my spirit to be in a dialogue with the world.

What styling rule do you live by? Why?
Comfort and protection covers everything- colour, cut and material.

Do you like shopping? Where do you shop mostly?
Usually, things find me themselves. Well, but if there's a strong need for something particular, then I can sew it myself.

Could you name some fashion brands that you like the most and why?
There's nothing like that as I'm not only guided by the brand's name.

What is your favorite outfit?
I like wearing loose jackets as an armor that protects my comfort zone.

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

Kofta SS16 Collection entitled ARHI
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

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"DRAMA" | FW16/17
Time is elusive and irrevocable: the flower than won’ t be smelled again; the animal that won’ t be seen by the next generations; the work of a genius that was washed away by the time. Natural creations are disappearing, slipping away and we are not in power to return it. Our utmost is empathy and the act of giving back. The Drama Collection aims to create a new beauty by our own hands, as an act of compassion.
All rights reserved © KOFTA 2016

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