An award for young, conscious new generation designers with innovative ideas for sustainability
FASHIONCLASH presents, in collaboration with Province Limburg, the ‘Fashion Makes Sense Award’, a stimulation award for conscious young designers. The Fashion Makes Sense award is awarded during the Dutch Earth Week (October 2017) in Maastricht. Of all the submissions, a jury will choose the winner that’ll be rewarded with a money prize of €2.500. This prize will be used to produce a sustainable collection, which will be presented during FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018. In addition, an audience winner will be chosen, this winner will receive a cash prize of €500.

Posted 13 July 2017

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Fashion Makes Sense
The 9th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival was dedicated to the theme ‘Fashion Makes Sense’, in which the focus was on the senses and the sense making in relation to fashion. The theme shed light on sustainability in fashion, by giving a stage to initiatives and designers and creating a dialogue between the audience and the fashion industry.
With ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ FASHIONCLASH wants to excite young designers, the fashion industry and the audience and create awareness about sustainability in fashion. Fashion is of upmost importance in the economy, society, art, and creativity and for each of us. But, it has a downside: the impact on the environment, the exploitation on workers and the influence on our self-esteem. What is the importance of fashion in our society and how can fashion contribute to a better world and welfare.
FASHIONCLASH has the ambition to develop ‘Fashion Makes Sense to a returning part of the yearly FASHIONCLASH Festival and it is their aim to create awareness around this topic.
With an annual prize, FASHIONCLASH wants to introduce the ‘Fashion Makes Sense’ jury award and the ‘Fashion Makes Sense audience award. A prize for a promising fashion talent, that’ll have a relevant and innovative idea on the awareness and innovation around sustainability.
Who can apply?
Fashion Makes Sense Award is accessible for young professionals and new generation designers and brands with innovative ideas to make the (fashion)world a better place.??What does the ‘Fashion Makes Sense Award’ consist of?? Design collection with a minimal of five sustainable outfits. This can be done be sketching, a mood board or technical drawings. Make sure you sketch a clear image that suits you as a designer. Moreover, a short video needs to be provided where you tell everyone about yourself, your vision on sustainability and your collection.
Out of all submission FASHIONCLASH chooses ten nominees that have a chance on receiving the ‘Fashion Makes Sense Award’. Every designer has a budget of €350,- to create one outfit. This outfit will be exposed during Dutch Earth Week (6 t/m 15 October 2017) along with your video at the Forza Fashion House in Maastricht.
Jury prize: An extern jury chooses the winner based on designs, the video submission and the outfit. During a lunch with all the nominees the jury will have a chance to ask question about the designs. The winner will receive a cash prize of €2.500, – for further producing the collection, which will be presented at FASHIONCLASH Festival 2018.
Audience prize: During Dutch Earth week the audience will be able to vote for one of the ten nominees. The design with the most votes will receive a cash prize of €500,-.
How to Apply?
Do you want to be nominated for the Fashion Makes Sense Award?
Apply before August 6th by sending by e-mail and/or post:
            One short video about who you are as a designer and your vision on sustainability. Take into account that this video may be shown on the FASHIONCLASH social media pages. The video can be in either Dutch or English, lasting not longer than a minute.
            A drawn collection of at least 5 outfits. Please pick 1 outfit that you would like to elaborate if you become a nominee.  
            A short summary (150 words) on your work/label in English. This text will be used at the exposition.
            A short portfolio of your work.
Submission address:
By mail:
By post: Bredestraat 19, 6211 HA Maastricht, The Netherlands
Nominated? Practical information
Nominees need to make sure that their work will be at Forza Fashion House on time. FASHIONCLASH will take care of the overall presentation. Do you prefer sending the work to us, that’s possible! We’d like to receive the work before October 1st. Shipping costs will not be covered by FASHIONCLASH.
We hope to have properly informed you, may you have any further question mail to:
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