Zsofia Kollar: human hair transformation blond
photo: Menno van Winden


Everybody likes human hair as long as it is on their own heads, but when you see it in an external application, everybody finds it disgusting. However, it is a great material.

Posted 18 August 2018

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In my project I wanted to give a new meaning to human hair and emphasis on its quality as material. Most of the time hair is just part of fashion or subculture and connected to identities. A whole head of hair could support up to 2 tons. Healthy hair, when wet, cat stretch to 30% its original length. Hair is stronger than a copper wire of the same diameter. From many qualities I decided to focus on the oil absorbing capability and investigate into the connection of human hair and essential oils.
The project consists of three different applications in three different scales. The first is a piece is a tapestry piece which is embroidered with blond hair. By spraying essential oil on, it will gain the capability to scent a space. The second part is a table object, which refers to the same function as the wall piece just in a smaller scale. The third part consists of two jewelry pieces. Inside the pieces there is hair which contains a mixture of essential oils, so the wearer is scented by the jewelry and effected by the essential oil.

Zsofia Kollar: human hair transformation blond, jewellery

Zsofia Kollar

Zsofia Kollar: human hair transformation blond, essentil oil

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