The European Prize for Applied Arts is organized by the WCC•BF, in partnership with the City Mons and the WCC-Europe. It is supported by the Ministry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia-Brussels.
The competition is focused on artists working in the field of applied arts and design-led crafts and living in a European country (including the countries that are not part of the EU).
By “design-led crafts“, the organizers mean all work designed and made by the designer himself, either one-of-a-kind pieces or small series products. Applications with work produced by industrial means will not be admitted to the competition.
The pieces chosen for the exhibition will be of a high standard in artistic &
technical skill and demonstrate originality and innovation.
The selected works will be exhibited from 24th October 2015 until 10th January 2016, at the Grand Hall of the Anciens abattoirs of the City Mons (Belgium).
All craft disciplines are admitted (ceramics, glass, textile, jewellery, wood, paper, furniture, accessories, etc.) 

Posted 15 December 2014

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Pieces submitted for the competition must be recent (produced after the 1st
January 2013).
They shall be made in accordance with the laws about environment and animal welfare.
Their weight must not exceed 100 Kg per piece. Possible exceptions will be decided by the jury or the organizers.
Candidates may submit either one large (eg. large furniture or wall hangings) or three medium-sized pieces (+/- 60 cm) or five small pieces (eg. jewellery, small ceramics
The European Prize consists of three categories:
-The “Master Prize”, Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Federation Wallonia- Brussels : money prize of 3,500 Euros that will be awarded to the author of a masterpiece (age 36 or over on 1st July 2015)
-The “Young Talent Prize“, Prize of the World Crafts Council-Europe : money prize of 3,000 Euros that will be awarded to a young artist (age 35 or under on 1st July 2015)
-The “Mons 2015 Prize“, money prize of 3,500 euros, that will be awarded to an artist showing innovation in the making process of his works.
Further prizes may be given, depending on finances available at the time of the exhibition opening.
The prize ceremony will take place during the opening of the exhibition.
A jury of experts, chosen by the partners of the event, will meet in March 2015.
The candidates will be informed of their selection within fifteen days of the Jury’s decision.
The jury will meet a second time the day of the opening of the exhibition to select the prize winners.
The jury is under no obligation to award any one of the prizes.
A full-colour catalogue will be published with introductory texts and at least one page with text and photograph for each participating artist.
The texts sent by the applicants are to be written in French or in English. No other language will be admitted.
The works will be insured by the organizers from the moment of their arrival at the exhibition premises until their leaving the exhibition space.
The insurance during the transport is of the artist’s responsibility.
Participation in the competition is free for members of WCC-Europe and members of associations belonging to WCC-Europe.
Non-members will be charged a fee of 50 Euros to cover administration costs. This fee is payable by the artist as soon as s/he is informed of selection by the organizers.
-The artist or, if there is an agreement upon it, the association of which s/he is a member, will be responsible for the transport costs to Mons. The works must be packed securely and in such a way as to avoid damage should they be dropped from a 1 metre height while being handled. The packaging must be strong enough as to be re-used for the return transport.
-The organizers are responsible for return transport. The work will be sent back within three weeks of the end of the exhibition.
Makers from countries which are not member of the European Union will be responsible for customs formalities and take in charge any costs and taxes that should arise from the transports.
The pieces chosen for the exhibition must arrive between the 12th and the 14th October 2015 at the following address:
c/o Mme Gaëlle Cornut
Les anciens abattoirs
rue de la Trouille, 17/02
B-7000 MONS (Belgium)

These files will include:
1. The form containing:
. The application form
. Complete data: first name, surname, place and date of birth, complete address,
telephone , e-mail , website
. A portrait: jpg photograph of minimum 300 dpi and 5 x 5 cm size.
. A CV, in one of the languages of the catalogue, with the artist’s education
and major events in her/his professional career. Max. 1.200 signs, spaces
included. No exceeding text will be admitted. CV will be written in point form (no tracking text) and set chronologically starting with the most recent year. (ex : Education: 2014:…; 2013 ... , Exhibitions: 2014: ... ; 2013: … Price: 2014 ...; 2013:… 2012: ...).
. A text about the artist and his work (statement), in one of the languages of the catalogue, max.1.000 signs, spaces included. No exceeding text will be admitted.
. Photographs:
In the application form the candidate will integrate 2 photos for each proposed object (for jewellery : 1 picture on a neutral background (mandatory) and 1 photo of the jewel worn (optional); for other works : 2 pictures on a neutral background taken from different sides).
Reminder, the maker may present: one single object if large ( eg. a table or a large tapestry ), 3 objects if they are of medium size (+/- 60 cm ) and up to 5 items if small (eg rings).
. Complete caption for each picture: the title of the work, a description of the materials and techniques, the dimensions and weight of the piece, the date of its creation and the name of the photographer.
2. Pictures: The pictures included in the form will also be sent in jpg format , minimum 300 dpi (pixels per inch ) and a minimum size of 25 x 25 cm from the shooting. The images will be free of rights. Each image must be labelled starting with the surname of the artist, followed by his forename and number. No spaces, nor accents in the name of the photo.
Eg : SURNAMEforenamenumber (eg : DUPONTmarie1)
No additional documents sent by the applicant will be submitted to the jury.
The texts and photographs will be used for publication if the applicant is successful and we therefore insist on high quality images and the stated text length. If the documents sent by the applicant are not in accordance with the regulations, the application will be excluded.
The artist commits her/himself to sending those pieces that have been selected by the jury from the photographs. Any work sent as a replacement will automatically be excluded.
By the mere fact of submitting their entry, competitors are understood to have thereby accepted the regulations.
In case of litigation, the Tribunal of Mons has exclusive competence to settle the issue.
In case the candidate encounters some difficulties when sending of his application, s/he may contact for further instructions.
-15th February 2015 : Deadline for submission of the complete application to the WCC-BF
-March 2015: Selection of participants
-From 12th to 14th October 2015 : delivery of the selected objects to the WCC-BF
-24th October 2015 : Opening of the European Prize for Applied Arts and Prize awarding
-From 25th October 2015 to 10th January 2016: Exhibition
-From 11th to 15th January 2015: recovery or return of works
World Crafts Council - Belgique francophone, asbl
Les Anciens Abattoirs
17/02, rue de la Trouille
B-7000 Mons
Tel. : +32-(0)
Fax : +32-(0)
Deposit of works:
General information:

Click here to download the file "application_form.pdf".
Click here to download the file "Dossier_canditature.pdf".
Click here to download the file "entry_form_Eng.pdf".
Click here to download the file "Entry_form_Fr.pdf".
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