Angela van der Burght

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Director STUFF
General editor Glass is more! and Textile is more!

"No shine without friction"
Educated as an industrial designer at the Design Academy in Eindhoven, the Netherlands, between 1964 and 1969, Angela van der Burght worked for textile factories as a designer and a stylist. Later, as a teacher for institutes that educated art teachers and the Academie Beeldende Vorming in Tilburg, van der Burght established new departments, writing programs and was a member of the Begrippenlijst Commissies Beeldende Kunst (Committee for the List of Definitions in the Visual Arts).
“By organizing expositions, catalogues and opening manifestations, I prepared myself for larger projects such as international Master classes. My husband Jan-Willem van Zijst and I continued my father’s atelier Fenestra Ateliers through designing and executing stained glass and, later glass design  and later our daughter Sunny van Zijst joined the firm after 1984.
For the Belgium Glass Society she made the magazine Glashelder (Crystal-Clear), which grew into This Side Up!, (1997-2006) an internationally subscribed, printed quarterly on glass art, arts and architecture. After this, she became the general editor for the magazine Glasbulletin which developed into Fjoezzz (2005-2013), a printed quarterly released for the members of the Society of Friends of Modern Glass. 

Posted 7 October 2014

As curator Van der Burght has written concepts for expositions and catalogue texts for Glass is more! within the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven, the Biennale Kijkduin; Anima Mundi in Lommel, Belgium, and The Glass Age with 5 expositions and a catalogue box and many lectures.
In 2011, Angela van der Burght received the Ledenprijs 2011 (member’s prize) from the Society Friends of Modern Glass, a prize that, incidentally is awarded to a person who had made an important contribution to the stimulation of glass art in the Netherlands. The former president of the society, Albertjan Peters paid tribute to Angela van der Burght’s “years of contribution to Glasbulletin and later Fjoezzz could grow under her leadership to an international recognition. Her critical observations and her independent positions as national and international curator and lecturer encouraged within the board of VvMG to award her this prize. The prize itself is a work designed by Simone van Brakel, in a combination of blown glass and ceramic.
“I am always interested in things that clash and become interesting on their scratching surfaces by friction, irritation, accelerating energy. On the social and cultural level I see big contradictions in which changes are being announced. Art is dealing with these issues. Especially artists and young people are interesting to follow as they rebel and provoke and do not conform themselves. That is precisely my attitude to art and artists, as I need the freedom of speech to express myself as independent curator, teacher and an art critic.
“In 2013 I started to write the concept for STUFF, a web ring on sites for materials. With the website STUFF all knowledge around material will be joined together. Every designer, artist and architect, students and scientist or engineer may, professional or layman can within the template profile upload image and text causing a worldwide network of knowledge about materials, techniques, tools and processes. Each site has topics like articles, techniques, glossary, artists' portraits, list of international expositions, books and catalogues, history, profiles, studios and workshops, suppliers and factories and schools and education departments.
Glass has its site already operational: Glass is more!:

Textile is more! also became an open access in October, 2014.
In the course of the following years the sites in STUFF with Advances materials, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Ceramic, Stone and Paper (and electronic paper!) are designed with for each material specialized persons from the different disciplines with me as director and general editor who will accompany this people to stuff the websites.”

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