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EDITORIAL GROUP: Ingrid Bongers (NL) proofreader and translator

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When all the thinking is done and the creativity of the author has resulted in a well thought-out article, it is her turn to come into action and use her dreaded red pencil.
As an executive secretary Ingrid Bongers (NL) worked for international companies. Her passion for foreign languages was obvious from early on in her life and led to a study at the ITV (University of professional education in translating and interpreting) in Utrecht (NL). In 2004 she graduated as a certified English translator.

Posted 27 January 2015

In May 2007, she started her own business as a freelance translator and worked for various clients, especially in the field of art and design.
As of 2004 she was already proofreader and translator for the glass magazine Glasbulletin, which became Fjoezzz in 2005. Her involvement with Fjoezzz ended in February 2013, when her contributions for started.
She contributed to several exhibition catalogues for the glass museum GlazenHuis in Lommel (BE), the Dutch Design Week in Eindhoven (NL), the Biennales in Kijkduin (NL) and publications of the Dutch Society of Friends of Modern Glass and various glass artists.
She is a member of the NGTV (Netherlands Society of Interpreters and Translators).

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