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Graduated at the Design Academy Eindhoven in the department Men Well Being, December 2014. I have a big fascination for technology and movement and it’s coming back in most of my work. Trying to simplify technology and movement in all my designs and make them aesthetically pleasing. Within my projects I question how products and the world could be in the future using simple objects/products as translation of my research. 

Posted 2 June 2015

Born when and where?
Born in Voerendaal, The Netherlands, 19-05-1988.

Studied Mechanical Engineering: where and why?
Studied mechanical engineering in Heerlen. Contstructions and technical drawing. As a kid I wanted to become an engineer. But while studying I missed the design aspect.

Studied Design Academy Eindhoven: when, why and why Man and Well-Being?
Studied at the Design Academy 2009-2014, Man & Well Being, because the human being is central in this departement and they gave me the space to develop an interesting combination of engineering and design where the human is Always central.? Like Ilse Crawford quoted in school; ''Designing with a cool head and a warm heart.

What is your field of interest?
Jeffrey’s projects apply his technical approach to everyday problems demonstrating that technology can be simplified to make it more human. He uses a variety of materials, techniques and a hands-on attitude to create unique and interesting objects – in many of his designs it is possible to see the beauty of their innermost functions, helping form an understanding of their purpose. On occasion, he has summoned the knowledge of professionals in other fields to ensure the integrity of his work.

When moved to London?
I did my internship in London and fell in love with the city. I decided when I moved back to Eindhoven for my graduation that I would leave Eindhoven after Design Academy and try to built up a future in London. I moved a month after graduating. 31st of January, 2015.

What are you going to do there?
At the moment I work as a Freelance Designer. Posture got a lot of attention lately so I'm working very hard to get the collection ready for sale. There have been some interesting meetings and there will be more information available soon. 

Tailor-made pain prevention

Spending long working days behind the computer often causes posture-related problems. Designer Jeffrey Heiligers worked closely together with physiotherapists on a system that prevents back, neck and shoulder pain. “The pain is caused by over-relaxing the upper back muscles and hunching,” says Jeffrey. ‘Posture’ offers a solution in the clothes that you wear: by repositioning the seams in such a way that they start to feel uncomfortable when stooping, you are stimulated to sit up straight. This tailor-made remedy corrects the poor postures of the digital generation, not by fixating the muscles, but by training them. The more it is used, the less it is needed.
The project has been divided in to ''The blueprint" and a personal interpretation of the system in my wardrobe.
In the following weeks I would like to share the evolution of Posture with you. Creating this project was a year long journey together with physiotherapist Tanya Verhoeven. A lot of material research and using our own boddies as test subjects.
Special thanks to Tanya Verhoeven, physiotherapist.
Models: Orfeas Lyras, Fraser McPhee
Photography: Daantje Bons
Jeffrey Heiligers

Jeffrey Heiligers: My Interpretation, Wool Coat

Jeffrey Heiligers: Blueprint Shirt

I have been studying for 9.5 years seeing lots of different sides of both industries. Moving from mechanical engineering into the world of design has been very interesting. I’ve tried to diversify my skills by taking several internships in both industries: from working in a roller coaster factory (vekoma) to working with Lucy McRae and Studioilse I have gained a lot of knowledge and had many different experiences.

Using my engineering skills in my design projects. A technical approach but trying to keep it as human and simple as possible. Working with all different kinds of materials and different fields. From textiles and objects to machines, film props and interior. Working with a hands on approach, where researching and model making/visualizing go simultaneously with the help of experts in different fields, when needed. I don’t only want to create objects/products that rely on a story, it also should be interesting on its own.
For any inquiries about projects, please contact me!
+44 7450 932847

Jeffrey Heiligers: Blueprint Coat


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