Kieta Jackson
Navicula 2014 18cm x 6cm x 12cm



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Kieta Jackson’s textile sculptures demonstrate two things, wonderful elegant containing forms and a sense of antiquity in another world and time.
She works primarily with wires and sheet metal and builds vessels and forms of crocheted and woven fabric.
‘The process starts with a fine gauge wire which is then woven on a loom by hand, creating a malleable fabric which is manipulated into the sculptural identity.’

Posted 26 August 2015

‘I am always thriving to create a harmonious relationship with material and forms so the sculptures resonate found artefacts, archaeological remains and elements from the sea’
Whist her pieces adopt shapes borrowed from unearthed objects she also distresses and patinates the surfaces of the metal, often leaving warped threads left hanging loosely, conveying deterioration and corrosion.
We are left believing that her sensitive forms are ancient artefacts one would view in a museum,or have been  long forgotten.

Kieta Jackson
Sedentary 2014 28cm x 4cm x8cm

Kieta Jackson
Vessel 3 2004

Kieta Jackson
Untitled 2005

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