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Is a brand new, worldwide, unique and informative e-magazine and Newsletter on textile art and the art of textile. Textile is more! brings you daily refreshed information with texts, photos and movies on art, craft, design and architecture; books and catalogues; conferences, symposiums, seminars and festivals; expositions and world wide exposition agenda, fairs and lectures; opinions in essays; writes on techniques, historical items, science, literature, theater and sound, performances and installations; reports on schools, education and students; provides the latest awards, competitions and entries; shows the subscribers’ profiles as well the profiles on the members of the editorial group and the ambassadors feeding the editors and authors.

Textile is more! reflects an approach to the human figure, ourselves and our surroundings which focuses on the flexible material of textiles, their form and their shapes, including the way in which we conform to norms or seek to depart from them, the way in which we perceive ourselves and the way in which we protect and adorn our bodies and skin by donning a second skin in the form of our clothing, together with a third skin reflecting our surroundings and environment and the buildings in that environment, with the result that nothing human is strange to us ...

“In 2013 I started to write the concept for STUFF, a web ring with special sites on materials. With the website STUFF all knowledge around material will be joined together. Every designer, artist and architect, students and scientist or engineer may, professional or layman can within the template profile upload image and text causing a worldwide network of knowledge about materials, techniques, tools and processes. Each site has topics like articles, techniques, glossary, artists' portraits, list of international expositions, books and catalogues, history, profiles, studios and workshops, suppliers and factories and schools and education departments.
Glass has its site already operational: Glass is more!:
Textile is more! also became an open access in October, 2014.
In the course of the following years the sites in STUFF with Advances materials, Plastic, Metal, Wood, Ceramic, Stone and Paper (and electronic paper!) are designed with for each material specialized persons from the different disciplines with me as director who will accompany this people to stuff the websites.”

Join us and build on to this network!
Angela van der Burght

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