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Angela van der Burght (1949-2019)

Thursday 7 March 2019

Light-filled and transparent in all things, our visionary colleague, a wife, mother and grandmother, and my dearest friend Angela van der Burght is gone. Her starlight remains.

Angela embraced us all into her glassy world and as part of her ‘glass family’: as writers, editors, translators, curators, educators and artists, as friends and family, we worked together guided by her faceted vision and compassion. She made our world better.

We developed our first of three magazines, This Side Up! (1997-2006), from a friendship that grew in over two decades from our work as glass faculty in 1997, at SMFA at Tufts University, in Boston, through our shared vision of glass. Angela opened my world - and countless others - from my writer’s desk and artist’s studio to encompass the vast spectrum of the arts and innovation. My best friend and treasured colleague, Angela connected us all through glass. We were her glass family.

Angela’s global reach concluded with 20,000 readers for STUFF - Glass Is More! + Textile Is More! - but began with her family: her father was a glass artist and his apprentice Jan-Willem van Zijst married Angela 50 years ago - their passion was expressed through glass and their light-named daughter Sunny and grandson Luca to all of us who helped make Angela’s glassy vision shine brighter.

Our loss is great but Angela’s legacy of luminosity is a gift and a greater path, if we choose to continue her vision.

Holding Angela in the Light.

Erica H. Adams
Contributing Editor and Columnist: This Side Up! (1997-2006); Fjoezzz (2007-2013) and Glass Is More! (2013-2019)

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